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Despite The Song "Trust Fund Baby," Trusts Are Not Just For The Wealthy

Trusts certainly can be established for estate tax savings and to pass on wealth to [...]

Before Bailing On Equities, Answer This One Question

If you are considering temporarily bailing on equities, essentially trying to time the market, consider [...]

For An Estate Plan To Work As Intended, Assets Must Be Properly Titled

The most important function of a will is to assure the transfer of assets to [...]

Michael Hans Shares His View of Current Market Volatility in Forbes Article

...the sell-off may not be as dire as it seems. "We need to be cognizant [...]

Company Benefit Plan Designations Can Lead To A Huge Estate Planning Blunder

Not all of your assets are controlled by your will; it's imperative to revisit titling [...]

Preserving Tax Benefits For Charitable Contributions When Utilizing The Standard Deduction

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) had no impact on the long-standing opportunity for [...]

Tax Planning: Charitable Giving Under The New Law

Many taxpayers mistakenly believe that there is no longer an available deduction for charitable contributions. [...]

Family Businesses: Social Capital Is Key To Successful Succession Planning

As financial advisors, sometimes in conjunction with psychologists experienced in family dynamics, we've assisted families [...]

Revocable Trusts And Why Should You Consider One

A revocable trust is an extremely flexible vehicle with little or no restrictions during your [...]

4 Financial Resolutions That Really Matter

Taking the first steps now can help to ensure that you are not only in [...]

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